Progressive Era Issues

European Immigration to America "new immigrants"

During the progressive era over 15 million immigrants came to america mainly from Southern and eastern European countries like Italy, Poland, and Russia.Most of them did not speak English. The Immigrants had problems adjusting to American culture. The U.S. also had trouble absorbing the immigrants into the society. The immigrants mainly chose to move to cities where jobs were. This caused the cities to get very crowded. They pretty much only took the jobs that native U.S. citizens didn't want.
As time went along, coming into America became harder and harder. Ellis Island and Angel Island were set up to regulate the amount of immigrants coming into the country. Also set up were acts that banned certain ethnic groups to come into America.

Employees or Slaves?

Problems with Labor and working conditions

Working conditions were very poor during the progressive era. Big companies that controlled textile industries, railroad building, and coal mining were focused on mass production for cheap costs. These large companies demanded the workers to work extremely long hours for little pay. Coal miners had to carry lots of heavy tools and did hard work digging. Workers often couldn't keep there job because the working conditions were so dangerous they lost limbs, got sick, and many other injuries and even death.

There were a couple organizations that helped fix the problem of bad work conditions. The American Federation of Labor (AFL) was created to help workers get more pay for there hours, health benefits, better work hours. The Consumers League helped make the workplace more sanitary, safe, and produce better quality products. Even though these working conditions were horrible, America wouldn't be where we are industrially today without those hard workers. Steel ,railroads, mass productions, and coal helped shape industrialization in America. It also helped establish a better workplace for America today and Work unions.

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Child Labor Political Cartoon

This political cartoon shows kids pulling a big man in a chariot. The intended audience was American citizens who didn't know about child labor. There message was that big companies and people were working children to young and for there own personal gain. They wanted to educate citizens hoping to get there help to end child labor.

Pop Culture: Railroads

Railroad companies took free land from the Government and built railroads across the country. Thousands of workers mainly consisting of immigrants would build the railroads for the companies. Steel companies and oil companies began to boom in result of railroads. Railroads changed America during this time.
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