About Us

"Of course we have dreams "


Firstly let me tell you about Hibernian way.

We are a small publishing company in Ireland but based Online. We have been agents for other publishing companies in the past and decided it was time to publish our own Limited Edition Prints.

What makes us different to the next guy. Well to be honest, the biggest difference is our bank balance, its alot smaller than the big guys. We will be working to a very tight budget on every run of our Limited Edition Prints.

We are very similar to a cottage industry.

Our Goals were always to give a better product than the big guys. And to come in at an affordable price for everyone.

We have made a conscious decision to run our business 100% online so we do not have to pay a landlord rent, pay insurance, rates and so on. Every saving we make gets past on to our customers.

Of Course we have dreams, more than most I would guess. Are dreams do not include making millions and retiring, our dreams are about how to streamline what we do. How to make it more efficient and how to offer our customers the best possible deal.

We have hit all our Goals with our first Limited Edition Print “The Patriot “. We are offering a superior product at an affordable price.

By selling this Print, it will allow us to move to our next project.

Slan agus beannacht.