The Children's Hour

By: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The Wonders of the Poetic

Who doesn't love poetry? Despite many high school students being quick to say it is "terrible" or "boring," I would argue poetry is not always as it seems. Such as with Longfellow's The Children's Hour. This classic poem points out the joys (and heartbreak) of childhood in a fun and song-like experience.
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More to Love About the Poem

The Children's Hour by Henry Longfellow follows a parent who loves to participate in the fun, pre-bedtime routine of the three children. That is, until he realizes how precious the moments are, and never wants to see them vanish. Follow Kate Conley on her journey in reading this fantastic poem at the 2015 Zine's Second Hour Poetry Slam.

About the Reader

Kate Conley is a poetry enthusiast who is excited to share Longfellow's classic poem with the class.