By Katie Crenshaw

About me

The names' Ponyboy, you can check my birth certificate to prove it. 14 years old, greaser, living with my two brothers; Sodapop and Darry.. But I'd call him Darrel if you don't know him. I've got some crazy friends, but I don't know what I'd do without them... Even though they eat all the chocolate cake we've got in this small house. I love books, and I do well in school - honestly it would be nice if Darry gave me a break sometimes though. I think he just want's me to have a bright future though...

Some of my all time favorite links...

Poem Hunter!
I LOVE this link because I can search about any topic that I'm feeling at the moment, and HUNDREDS of poems will show up. i like to write in my free time, and this website gives me a lot of inspiration. You should check it out if you have some free time !

Unique Blade!
This is a unique website, but sometimes it's always good to have a switchblade on you... Whenever the other gang, the Socs, try to rough me up, it's nice to have one on me. Also, makes you look tuff!
Crossword puzzles!
These are just fun to me, help me get my mind off of things if I need to... Also get to learn new facts everyday! If you've never done these, check em' out.
iBooks has tons of books that I can read. If I'm not off goofing around with my friends or family, I'll always be reading.
All about Robert Frost!
Robert Frost is a really close poet to me... Me and my best friend used to read his books... RIP Johnny Cade. Stay Gold.

Katie Crenshaw's status:

Ponyboy is a really wise, smart person. He's always got his face stuck in a book, you saw some of his book collection above. Ponyboy always dos really good in school, and Darry pushes him to exceep expectations - sometimes he pushes a little too far, but hes only trying to help Ponyboy. Ponyboy, Darry, and Sodapop have lost so much; like many friends very close to them, their parents... they don't have much money, but they make the most out of what they have.