Planet Creation

By:Rob Yochum

My Planet

How Would my Planet Function?

My planet was similar to earth but had very extreme differences too. Like Earth, my planet had a yellow main star. this star was good because it wasn't so hot where it had to be 55 AU away from sun but was not cold so I had to be 0.5 AU away.

My planet was 50% larger and 50% farther away this at first would be a problem because it would be just about out of the "Goldie-locks" zone, but the volcanoes released enough carbon to create a greenhouse affect to warm the planet so it could have liquid water.

I made my planet so that it has no tectonic plates. This causes there to be no no new mountain formations and also it will also have no earth quakes to damage civilizations that we construct. My planet has water and producers so we can have the essentials for life so we can easily live there.

My planet would have a double moon system.I want to make my moons contain water so we could colonize it when we over populated earth I would also have the moons be at 90 degree angles and be a little farther from earth but move slower so they do not leave earths orbit. this would have a constant neap tide affect so there would always be one set sea level. This would make it so we could build closer to the shore because there would be no tsunamis or high and low tides. The impact would be great and make it uninhabitable for lots of fish because the ocean food chain would be destroyed.

While we would need to adapt to the absence of sea food we could use the mostly uninhabited ocean for harnessing energy most- likely solar, tidal, and Geo-thermal, and for having waste floating farms, and floating houses. With so much energy being produced in the sea, we would not need to have nuclear or coal burning energy. This would eliminate pollution and allow lots of space for farming.