Haley Anthony

Instrument Classification

  • percussion
  • sound will be produced by striking the instrument in this case the middle of the bar
  • It is counted as an open pipe because the sound moves through two open ends of the pool noodle


  • wrenches
  • rubber bands
  • pool noodle
  • I chose these materials because it appeared to be the most realistic and very creative; xylophones were also one of my favorite instruments as a kid

sound production

Xylophones produce sound by the bars, in this case the wrenches, vibrating at different frequencies. the different frequencies equal different notes. since not being able to customize the length of the wrenches I had to use trial and error to figure out what size wrenches and in what order would produce a scale

  • percussion

Pitch Please?

  • length of the bar creates different pitches
  • i.e. the longer the bar, the deeper the pitch and lower the frequency


Xylophones can produce louder sounds when acoustic is placed under the instrument such as marimbas or when boxes to increase sound are used