Wilburn Elementary School

Friday Institute Professional Development

8:30-9:00 Welcome & Introductions

15-Yr-Old Kelvin Doe Wows M.I.T.

How are you encouraging students to explore their passions?

What are you asking students to create? Are you giving them the resources they need to creatively come up with solutions?
PIP - White House Film Festival Finalist

9:10-10:10am - Tools for Student Engagement

(choose 1 session to attend)

10:20-11:05 Tools for Teacher Productivity

Google Docs (Wachovia)

Google Forms (BB&T)

(choose 1 session to attend)

11:05-11:55 Design Studio

  1. Share what you learned (10 minutes)

  2. Make a plan for using one or more of the technologies that you learned about today, this year. Come up with a creative way to share your plan with the staff. (Use a tool(s) that you learned about today. (25 minutes)

  3. Share with the whole group (10 minutes)

Team Plans

Share your team plan here by adding your link to the google document.

11:55-12:30 Wrap Up and Evaluation

Ten Words Revisited


Please complete an evaluation of your experience today by clicking on the google doc. below.