Think differently

By Junior markey

"He knew that in the danger of his escape he must be absolutely silent"

(Lowry 163).

In the giver when Jonas escapes he thinks differently because he knows that he has to go toward and get an the memories back to the community. A utopian society can not exist because Even though are rules there are exceptions to the rules there is always one person that is going to think differently or do differently.
There is always a person that thinks differently or does differently. For example: Jonas saw his father "release" a baby and then Jonas said "he killed it my father killed it". Jonas knows what the word, killed means and the feeling if it but the community does not know it means and the fillings of them.
For instance no one had ever told Luke what will happen if someone saw him as Hiddix writes. " no one had ever told him exactly what would happen if anyone saw him death?"

Luke is thinking differently cause he is the third child and he is worried that the government finds him that they will hurt him. And the others are no cause they are not a third child.