By Chris Borja


It was originally controlled by the UK but in August 6 1962 they earned their independence

The language of Jamaica are English and English pontois

it is not currently controlled by another country

Geographic info

Located in the Caribbean Sea

Discontinuous costal plain

Blue mountains

Rio grande

political information

the type of government is constitutional democracy and commonwealth realm

the leader of the Jamaica is Portia Simon-miler

some major cities are Montego bay, portmore, Spanish town, and new Kingston

economic and tourist information

the type of currency is the Jamaican dollar and they are capitalist

people should visit Jamaica of the music, culture, and food.

some thing that tourist should see and do are some beach clubs and fantastic island tours.



In 1970 there were international drug smuggling and money laundering

They had a quarter million slaves on the laptop

The English and Spanish were on the island and brought slaves which replaced the native people Taino