Finding a home for this poor endangered species

The Chimpanzee

Name: Chimpanzee

Scientific name: Pan troglodytes

Original Habitat: Mali

New Habitat

  • Average temperature: 24 degrees Celsius- 32 degrees Celsius
  • Needs to have a stream as a water source for them.
  • 2 other animals: Bush babies and Red Colobus
  • In the new habitat four plants should be: Cram-cram, Baobad tree, Cailcedra, Karite tree

Adaptations of Chimpanzees

  • Physical adaptation- They have opposable thumbs so that they can climb better and this will have a positive effect on them because there are many trees to climb and swing from.
  • Physical adaptation- They have thick black hair so that they are protected from heavy rain and water, and this will have a positive effect on them because there is a stream of water that they can go into and then not be dripping water for hours.
  • Behavioral adaptation-They live in groups of up to 50 other chimpanzees and we will need to keep a bunch of chimpanzees in the same habitat for them to really thrive.
  • Behavioral adaptation-They build nests on top of trees to avoid predators but here they won't need to do that because there won't be any predators for them to avoid and they will definitely thrive when they aren't in danger.

The Impact

Once we introduce the chimpanzees to this environment they will have a nice safe place free of predators and poachers. They will also have lots of plants to eat so they can grow and because there are plants there will be herbivores for them to eat to such as Bush Babies which they love to eat. With a safe environment they will be able to safely reproduce and then they could eventually get off of the endangered species list.

Why Chimpanzees are on the Endangered Species List

Chimpanzees are on the endangered species list for several reasons. One is that they are frequently taken by poachers and then eaten as a favorite choice of food for some people in Africa. Another is that hundreds of baby chimpanzees are being stolen and then sold on the black-market as pets. Also there are diseases such as EBOLA which have killed tons of thousands of chimpanzees.

Food Web

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Energy Pyramid

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