Mammalian cell Culture

What is Mammalian cell culture

Cell culture of mammalian cells. Eukaryotic cells are much more difficult to culture than most prokaryotes.

 They demand complex media They are very susceptible to contamination and overgrowth by microbes such as bacteria, yeasts and fungi.

more information on mammalian cell culture

Livestock breeding, taken from genetically superior cows and bulls, are united in the lab, and the resulting embryos are grown in culture before being implanted. A similar form of mammalian cell culture has also been an essential component of the human in vitro fertilization process.

variety of mammal cells functions

  • providing structure, scaffolding and support
  • signaling and sensing
  • digestion and absorption of foods and water
  • the transfer of molecular oxygen
  • immunity
  • motor function
  • reproduction

why do we use mammalian cell culture

International developments have focused on application of disposables (single-use equipments) in mammalian cell-based processes to reduce the development and process costs, shorten time to market and enable quick process modifications.