Yessenia Caraballo


Being obese is when you have a body mass index of 30 or above. Obesity is a complex disorder when you have an excessive amount of body fat. It increases your risk of major health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Fact #1

Stroke and dementia are associated with, or exacerbated by reduced cerebral blood flow, which has recently been described in obese patients.

Fact #2

The most popular form of the surgery is called gastricbypass, where a portion of the stomach is sectioned off into a small pouch and reconnected to the lower part of the small intestine to reduce the amount of food absorbed into the body.

Fact #3

Over-eating, even a little bit, can cause severe pain and nausea and patients must take care to consume enough nutrients to ensure proper health


Obesity is a very extreme issue, but I believe that as a society we are working towards the goal of reducing the obesity rates as the years go by. Every year, people are exercising more and eating healthier and a lot of people are being motivated by their friends and family who have or had obesity or if they have lost a close one due to obesity.

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