internet safety

choosing a password

tips on safe gaurding your password

  • First and foremost, NEVER give your password to anyone.

  • Make your password something you can remember.

  • Make your password difficult for others to guess.

  • DO NOT Change your password because of mail from someone claiming to be your systems administrator, supposedly needing access to your files.

How Not to Choose a Password

  • Words in the dictionary.
  • Words in any dictionary.
  • Your user name.
  • Your real name.
  • Your spouse's name.
  • Anyone's name

How to Choose a Good Password

Choose a password that is at least six characters long. This should be long enough, Currently, the maximum password length on many Unix systems is eight characters, but if you want to add a few more characters to make it easier to remember, go ahead. Just bear in mind that anything after the eighth character will be ignored