ISOK Community Outreach News

April 2016

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Welcome to the April Edition of ISOK Marketing News!

This information is to provide you with a quick look at our events and projects by month as it pertains to marketing and school development.

Earned Media Story Theme

Overcoming hurdles/Transformation stories

Exceptional alumni/graduates

Stories should be submitted as soon as possible so there is plenty of time to pitch it to the media.

Community Events/Partnerships

Oklahoma Aquarium Run April 2

Norman Music Festival April 28

Tutoring businesses/groups outreach

Counselors organizations outreach

In-Person Events

Parent Guided/Q&A Sessions - These events are for interested (not currently enrolled families) to learn more about ISOK.

April 4 Tulsa and OKC

Start Up Success Sessions

April 5 ISOK Office

April 7 OSU-Tulsa

April 12 OSU-Tulsa

April 14 ISOK Office

April 19 ISOK Office

April 21 OSU-Tulsa

April 26 OSU-Tulsa

April 28 ISOK Office

Online Information Sessions

Tuesday April 26

Other Projects

ISOK Ambassador Program Information Meeting April 6

PD Presentation April 8

HOS/LDM/RD Marketing Sync Meeting April 14

Admin Meeting April 19

For more information about marketing/school development, email Alissa Olden