The Refreshing Coca-Cola

The Satisfying Taste of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola will make your taste buds go crazy. Coca-Cola can make your afternoon refreshment complete. Even Abraham Lincoln love the sweet taste of Coca-Cola and has a glass everyday.
Just a picture of what Abraham Lincoln did when he became president ... made sure people drank the amazing Coca-Cola

Cocaine In Coca-Cola?

Yes this is true cocaine was once in coca-cola in the late 1800's but it was soon taken out in the early 1900's

John Pemberton

John Pemberton was the creator of Coca-Cola. A little about him is

Born: July 8, 1831, Knoxville, GA

Died: August 16, 1888, Atlanta, GA

Known for: Coca-Cola

Wife: Ann Eliza Clifford Lewis (m. 1853)

Education: University of Georgia

Children: Charles Ney Pemberton

Great Coca-Cola Ad (down below)

Classic Commercial for Coca-Cola (1953)

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I have learned a lot about my invention since I started researching interesting things and I found a lot of interesting things. I learned that when Coca-cola was first made it had the drug cocaine in it. Also I learned that Coca-Cola has been around since the 1800's.

Some effects the Coca-cola had back then are it was very booming in the fact that a lot of people enjoyed it and bought it a lot. Back then people would buy 9 drinks a day in average for 5 cents. Today the 9 has gone to 1.8 billion drinks a day. People today love Coca-Cola because it keeps them refreshed and they love the taste. Today Coca-Cola is now sponsored in big events like the super bowl, soccer world cup, NASCAR, and the Olympics.

The techniques I used were bandwagon and repetition and I feel these were the most effective because people will do almost anything under peer pressure and bandwagon is kind of like peer pressure because if everyone else is doing something then so should then. I also used repetition because I feel of people heard the name enough time they would want to buy it because it sounds better and better every time they say the name