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May 2nd, 2022

Happy Monday, Mexico 59!

We are working on the laptop roll-out plan for the 2022-23 school year. Tentatively we are planning the first week of August to have everyone come to the Career Center Technology Buzzer door to come to pick up their laptops, monitors, and wireless tablets if you chose one. We will have you sign an updated technology agreement while you are there. If you have a current laptop, we will ask you to bring that with you to exchange for the new one. Please be on the lookout for an email about pick-up dates, times, and details.

We are also working on the time clocks and getting those moved at the MHS, MMS, and MELC locations. Each building has a sign on the current time clock about the move and where it will be located after.

We have scheduled a walk-through of some of the classrooms for our installers to come and see what they are working with to be better prepared for June and July install dates. Don't forget the tentative plan is to start installing the interactive panels in June for MELC, DHCC, and parts of MHS and MMS. Come July we will finish up MHS, MMS, EF, and HAW.

After the installers have finished, the technology department will still need to go around to each panel and get them inventoried and stickered. We will also at this time be setting up the panels for each classroom teacher and pushing a set of default apps out to the panels. If there is an app you want that you don't see come next school year, all you have to do is submit a tech ticket and we will get the app installed for you.

Don't forget to check out the Promethean website for all the training opportunities they have for us, for FREE. The first one coming up is tomorrow May 3rd, register by clicking here.


Don't forget to get all your files uploaded to Google Drive so you don't lose your stuff over the summer. Sarah Keithley has created three short step-by-step tutorials on how to move materials over to your Google Drive, click here to view the tutorials. If you want written directions on how to upload files to Google Drive please click here to learn how to upload documents to Google Drive.

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Big picture

Technology Tip

Google Documents force copy....

There are a few steps, but you can do it!

1) Open the file in your Google Drive.

2) Click Share.

3) Click “Anyone with the link can view”

4) Copy the link

5) Highlight the word edit and everything after it

6) Replace that selection with the word “copy”

All done! I like to double-check my edited link by copying and pasting it into my browser and going to the page. If it asks me to make a copy, I know I did it correctly!

Chrome Shortcuts.....

  • Shift+Command/Control+Tab = to open up a tab you just closed – My students refer to this one as the “magic trick”!
{Right Click on Tab}
  • Pin Tab – makes the tab smaller & “sticky” so you don’t accidentally delete it
  • Duplicate – exactly as it sounds – duplicates the tab you have selected
  • Bookmark All Tabs – Quick way to save everything you currently have open in the browser

Just the images in the Bookmarks Bar save space on your bookmark bar

  • When you Bookmark a site, remove the name. Then it will only show up with the little icon instead of icon + text