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Solar Cell

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Solar energy is abundant and sustainable. The sun radiates enough energy every hour to last us a year. This small portion of sun rays can satisfy all electricity needs. The sun's energy will never run out until the day the sun transitions to star dust and that's billions of years from now. The sun's energy is a renewable resource. It also is clearer than most non-renewable resources.
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Solar energy has wide area of use. Many locations can provided solar energy. Satellites and such remote locations can use solar panels. Areas high up in mountains can use solar panels. This would prove much more effective than setting up high voltage wires that are used in cities. Solar energy can be used to provide electricity but that's not all. It can also be used water or to increase the temperature of a location. It doesn't damage the environment much either.
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Enviromentally Friendly

Solar panels used to gather solar energy release no greenhouse gasses except for manufacturing. A chemical element called Silicon is important to the manufacturing of solar panels. Unlike some materials used to make renewable resource gathers Silicon can obtained without the use of mining methods that could harm the environment. Small changes can be made in the manufacturing of solar panels to become environmentally friendly. "According to estimates by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, each household that switches may stop 7.7 tons of toxic greenhouse gases from being released." Even if a single household switches to solar energy it changes things for the better in the long run as proven.
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Generating and Solar Panels

Solar farms take up a large amount of space but solar panels know as residential solar panels take alot less space proven by the fact that you could put the solar panel upon your roof which is the most effective place to generate alot of electricity and now due to advancing technology solar windows have been invented. We can even use solar energy passively. An example would be a closed car. Sun rays would travel through the windows of the car but heat provided by the sun rays would escape the car quite slowly causing the car warm up. You can even store solar energy into batteries. "...most who switch to solar power [energy] find it a major advantage over fossil fuel-based sources." There are no mechanical parts in solar panels causing the solar panels to be easily maintained and quiet. There is even a financial benefit. It pays off in the long run considering it would cut your bills quite a bit.
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Power of the People

The sun radiates its energy all over the world! This causes no need for war to break out for this energy . Colonialism wouldn't happen for this energy. It's the power of the people! You won't need to fight for deposits of sun rays like coal. Everybody can use it no matter where.


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Each resource does have it's problems. The sun is only out for half a day causing solar panels to stop producing energy. Cloudy weather and such would also interfere. This would prove the usage of this alternative energy source ineffective in cities. Pollution also affect the reliability of this alternative energy source. A way to fix this problem would be batteries made for containing solar energy.
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The cost of solar panels is expensive. Though does pay off over the years the initial investment is costly. Solar energy costs twice as much than natural gas causing solar energy to not be used as much. The batteries mentioned before are also expensive, proving the overall energy costs skyrocketing high.
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Polution Association

Solar energy for certain produces less pollution than non-renewable resources. Manufacturing methods of solar panels do release greenhouse gasses. Greenhouse gasses like nitrogen trifluroide and sulfur hexafluoride have been linked to solar powers at production. The greenhouse gasses mentioned have a worst impact on global warming than another contestant, carbon dioxide. Other indirect association with pollution would be the transporting and distillation of solar systems. Transportation and installation of solar power systems can also indirectly cause pollution.

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