Derby Daily

May 9-13

The Week at a Glance: The Last Week of MAP testing! Let's make it a GREAT One!

Monday, May 9th: #CelebrateMonday! #CelebrateMazzocco Happy, Happy Birthday Mrs. Mazzocco! Thanks for all you do for our Dragons!

Fourth Grade is finishing strong with their final day of MAP testing!

Don't forget to join us at 44 Canteen for our May Derby Dine! 5:00 p.m. NOTICE TIME CHANGE

Tuesday, May 10th: Happy, Happy Birthday Elizabeth Smith and Ms. Wasicko!

Third Grade is joining in on the fun! Third Grade has Session 1 of ELA today!

Wednesday, May 11th: Third Graders Shine! Today, it is Session 2 and 3 of the ELA test! Way to go! Thanks for working hard!

May Principal's Birthday Lunches! Thank you for reminding your friends! I love celebrating with these amazing Dragons each month!

Our final Compass Point of 2015-16! Job One--figure out a way to creatively celebrate something your team accomplished in this year...then enjoy your afternoon!

Thursday, May 12th: Kindergarten is on the road today to the Career Center Plant Center

Day one of Math MAP for our Third Grade friends!

Friday, May 13th: MAP was NO SWEAT! Come on Dragons--wear your Athletic Wear to celebrate an amazing MAP season! Thank you for all your synergy to prepare our students and have them represent us so well! Today, 3rd grade finishes up with MAP Math Session 2!

July Principal Birthday Lunches today--and we close our our Principal Birthday Celebrations! Thank you Ms. Toni for all those birthday pencils and to Mrs. Carol for always helping me set up! I so love this time with our dragon friends!

Our final 3-5 Distinguished Dragons of the year! Thank you for celebrating our amazing Dragon Accomplishments!

2 Amazing Friday Celebrations! Stop by the Country Club to celebrate with Ms. Fortner her amazing counseling career! Thank you for your years of service!

From the Country Club to the Country....we are headed to the Wade Farm for an incredible Fish Fry! We will see you there!

Saturday, May 14th: Team White and Team Purple are in tournament action this weekend! Thank you Mr. Higgins and Ms. Cowan for giving your all to these tremendous athletes! Way to go Dragons on an amazing season!

Sunday...we wish Coach V a very Happy Birthday!

Upcoming Dragon Events:

May 16th EOY Data Summit! K-2

May 16th Talent Show Dress Rehearsal after school

May 17th EOY Data Summit 3-5

May 17th Faculty Meeting

May 18th SCHOOL WIDE PHOTO 8:30 a.m.

May 18th Talent Show 2:00 p.m.

May 18th TLIM Book Study, Special Guest FranklinCovey Representative, Lance Wheeler 3:45 p.m.

May 18th Talent Show 6:00 p.m.

May 19th Pre-School BBQ Oakland

May 19th 4th grade to Jefferson City

May 19th Fire Drill

May 19th FSP Meeting

May 20 All School Morning Gathering

May 20th See you as we Celebrate GaGa! Agave 4:00 p.m.

May 21st DRE Family Picnic! 11:00 a.m.

May 23rd 3rd grade to the Bridal Cave

May 23rd 5th grade picnic Oakland Park and then off to Town and Country Bowling

May 24th DRE Field Day and Hot Dog BBQ

May 25th 5th grade graduation 10:00 A.M. NOTICE TIME CHANGE!!

May 26th Early Dismissal our Last Day of the 15-16 School Year!

May 26th Happy Hour

Drops in the Bucket:

A tip of the hat to all who stayed late and lent their time and talent to make a Wonderful International Night! The food, the laughter and what an amazing parade of nations! Job Well Done Dragons!

BLT as always INCREDIBLE! Thank you for your commitment to our vision! Amazing conversations and dramatic dialogue around keeping our eyes to the prize! To those leaving our BLT--thank you for all you have done to keep our vision strong! To those new...thank you for taking a giant leap to our PLC future! Follow the link to our notes:

Salute to 5th grade for an amazing field trip! Thank you for unlocking nature and the majesty of Rock Bridge State Park for our 5th grade friends!

What an amazing family celebration! The laughter, the smiles and the Teddy Bear Picnic! Kudos Kindergarten! What a great tradition!

What an adventure! 1st grade...thanks for making it come alive with the trip to Runge!

Thank you Emily Spaghetti! Thanks for helping out and being the interview team! Thanks for staying up late and working to get top quality candidates!

A tip of the hat to our Media Center Crew! Thank you for sharing the love of literacy and for all your work on the Book Fair! Job Well Done

Please take a moment to say Thank You!

What an incredible week brought to you by our Derby Ridge FSP! From all the goodies to the tumbler...what an incredible celebration! Drop them a note in the box and say Thank You for all you do!

What matters is how you finish....Finish Strong!

Data Summit Ahead! Just one week away!

We will also be reviewing our students we have Data Teamed

We will be meeting in Trailer G

Monday, May 16th

K-2 Data Summit

2nd grade 8:00-10:30

Kindergarten: 10:40-1:10

1st grade: 1:20-3:50

Tuesday, May 17th

3-5 Data Summit

3rd grade 8:00-10:30

4th grade: 10:40-1:10

5th grade: 1:20-3:50

Staff Meeting--Ya'll Come!

Please spread the word! We would like to have all at our EOY Staff Meeting--certified and classified alike! We are having our End of Year Celebration at our May Staff Meeting scheduled for May 17th at 3:45 p.m. in the Media Center!

We will have refreshments and we will come together to celebrate an amazing year! To celebrate our school family! to bid farewell to some friends and enjoy a laugh or two...we hope to see you there!

School Wide Photo May 18th!


We will be spelling out DRE! Have your students dressed in Green and Purple and at 8:20 we will begin calling classes to fill in the DRE.

Wagner is going to fly a DRONE over to take our shot! This picture will become a banner that will hang in our hallowed halls to capture our Dragon Spirit! Spead the word so we will be decked out in our Purple and Green!

Got a Field Trip Coming Up? What do you need from the Cafeteria?

Promote! Promote! Promote! Please continue to promote Summer School with your friends!

As we finish up MAP

The large groups will be testing in the Small Lab, Big Lab and Media Center--but testing is going on throughout the building for Small Groups and Individuals! With that in mind, please make every effort to BE QUIET in the hallways to ensure an optimal testing environment for our friends! Thanks for helping them SHINE!

Follow this link

Buddies: How are you celebrating your MAP testing friends? Thanks for your AMAZING support!

MAP was NO SWEAT! Celebrate our STRONG FINISH with Athletic Wear on Friday, May 13th!

Questions about Check Out...Let me know!