Help Wanted


1. You must be a natural born citizen

2. You have to be 35 years of age

3. A resident in the United States


You have to be the Chief Executive, Chief Diplomat, Commander in Chief, Chief Legislator, Head of State, Economic Leader, and Party Leader.

Chief Executive

The Chief Executive is in charge of the cabinets departments. The President is allowed to make a executive order that is when whatever the President says go. This can be used in times of crisis.
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Chief Diplomat

A role that the President has to fill is the Chief Diplomat. As the Chief Diplomat the president has to direct foreign policy and executive agreement. A Executive agreement is a agreement between a foreign government and the executive branch.
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Commander in Chief

Taking the role of Commander in Chief means you are in charge of the military. You are the only person that can send troops to battle a war. The U.S. has declared war over 10 times.

Legislative Leader

As the Legislative Leader the president has to do many hings such as veto laws and State of the Union. The state of union is a speech talking about plans for the future.

Head of State

As the Head of State you are the symbol of the United States. It is your job to represent America in special occasions and ceremonies.
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Economic Leader

Being the Economic Leader your job is to deal with all of the economic problems that we face. Some of the problems are tax rates and unemployment. You also have to plan the budget for spending.
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Party Leader

The last duty is being the leader of the political parties. Being a leader you have many important decisions you have to make such as selecting new chairpersons.

Compensation and Benefits

Benefits : $ 400,000 per year salary, free living at the White House, free protection with the secret service.

Compensation: Free travel, free food and the Presidential Library.

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