Using The Scanner!

A step by step guide on how to correctly use the scanner

Step 1.

To use the scanner the first thing you must do is double click the HP scanner icon. A box will open giving you further instructions
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Step 2.

Select the type of scan that you want you need. Once chosen make sure the item your scanning has been placed on the scanner, facing the right direction and press scan.
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Step 3.

select the file format that you want your scan to be by choosing from the drop down menu. also chose a basic file name that you want the file to be called such as "baby pictures" or "receipts". This is useful when scanning multiple items.

Also select where you want you files to be saved by clicking browse and selecting a folder. When done click OK

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Step 4.

Once your item is finished scanning, it will appear here. You can crop or edit your item here as well. when you're done click "finish" and the item you scanned will be in the folder you selected!
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