Andrew Jackson

The hero

Andrew Jackson and the bank

There are many reasons the 7th president Andrew Jackson is are hero. Here are three reasons, first he destroyed the national bank. Jackson knew the goal of his second term... destroy the bank. Jackson saw the bank was becoming corrupt and only helping the rich so he destroyed it by taking all the money and splitting it up evenly among all states.

Jackson and the Gold

Andrew Jackson saw a deal he couldn't resist, gold. there was gold on native land so he made them a new home, gave them 5 million dollars, gave them food for a year, doctors and wagons. Also from this deal Georgia got gold and land.

Jackson and the tariffs

during his presidency Jackson put tariffs to keep locals on domestic made goods. well south Carolina didn't like this so they said they weren't going to follow the law. so he almost sent in a military force and was going to hang the leader of the nullification group but Carolina backed down. this shows Jackson can control states under his power

By Joshua saad

the cartoon above depicts the national bank

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