Georgia Piedmont Habitat

By: Audrey

What is a Piedmont?

A Piedmont is an area of gently rolling lands between mountains and the coast. It is a hilly region that has many streams and rivers. It covers the most part of the north central.
Here is a picture of the Georgia Piedmont.


It is cool in the winter and warm in the summer in the Georgia Piedmont.


We have lots of trees in Georgia. Forests of Hickory ,Oak, and Pine are common.
Here is a picture of a Pine Tree


We have lots of animals in the Georgia Piedmont. Some examples of the animals that live in the Georgia Piedmont are Warblers, Bobcats, and Freshwater Mussels.
Here is a picture of a Bobcat.
The Georgia Piedmont is where we live!

Pine Tree

Here is a Pine Tree. We find lots of Pine Trees in the Georgia Piedmont.