Lifestyle of the Twenties

"The Roaring Twenties"

Flappers and Fashion

Flappers are girls with short bobbed or shingled hair, straight loose knee-length dresses with a dropped waistline, silk or rayon stockings with garters, heavy makeup, long beaded necklaces, and smoking. The youth of the 1920's took after their idols in the movies and in magazines. They took over their bad traits of smoking, drinking, partying, swearing, selfishness, and many more. That's why the roaring twenties was an out of control lifestyle of flappers and shieks. Fashion definitely showed the uniqueness of the twenties. Dresses were lighter, brighter, and shorter than ever before. Pantsuits, hats, and canes gave women a sleek look and was trendy for awhile. Hairstyles by famous women were copied all across the country, the most famous one being the "bob". The lifestyle of the 1920's really gave a new definition to womanhood. It was more acceptable to drink and smoke in public, dance closer, dress differently, wear more makeup, cut your hair shorter, and a greater participation in the workforce. The lifestyle of the 1920's was a lifestyle of change, for everyone in America.