Biogeochemical Cycles


Each group will be assigned a cycle to illustrate in a flyer. This will be done by a random drawing. The following cycles will be assigned:

1. Carbon

2. Nitrogen

3. Phosphorus

4. Sulfur

5. Water

6. In addition, one group will illustrate the 10% rule

For each cycle, the presentation must include:

1. chemical reactions involved

2. inorganic and organic reservoirs for the element

3. pathway of movement

4. impact of human intervention on the cycle


  • Grading will be based on accuracy, completeness, creativity, learning value, quality of presentation.
  • Each group will be able to use two full days of class time to work together.
  • All other work will be done outside of class and in class only when the group has time. Each group must print and hand in the proper scoring rubric when the project is presented.
  • This assignment will be worth 40 points, and all members of the group will receive the same grade.

Resources should be cited using MLA format.