Weapons during world war 1

JoJo Santos Kyle Kerpon

Machine guns

Machine guns changed the way wars were fought. When previously a single soldier could fire 1 round out of a bolt action rifle and kill 1 man the invention of a "machine gun" allowed a soldier to fire hundreds of rounds per minute and kil hundreds of men. This invention effectively ended the cavalry use in war.


Tanks in ww1

Tanks were first used in World War One and were an invention form Austrian Lancelot de mole. The tank allowed for a mostly bullet way to take the firepower straight to the enemy. The tanks could travel over most trenches and extremely destructive.

Submarines "u-boats"

A submarine was a undetectable form of transport in the ocean. The Germans used the subs the most and used them to shoot torpedoes at any foreign ship. The submarines could travel underwater and Fire rounds at targets without being detected. These submarine attacks are one of the reasons that the usa