Tech Tips Tuesday

September 20, 2016

Technology Minute

Did you know that you don't have to type your contact information at the end of every email? Outlook can help by automatically adding your signature for you to every message that you send. To learn how to create a signature, watch the video:

Email Signature

Two question survey...

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Tools for Formative Assessments

Highlighted last school year, here are some tools to use for formative assessments. Most will give you data to work with as well.

Individualizing instruction with the new Microsoft Forms

Forms was created just for teachers and students to meet our specific needs. The Forms team welcomes honest feedback from its clients—teachers and students.

Check out the video and more information HERE..

Day Trainings--Click Here

I am offering a few model lessons for the months of Sept/Oct. For a model lesson, I will teach 1 class, co-teach 1 class with you, allowing you to teach the rest of your classes. Try new technology without being overwhelmed.


Book me for model lessons (see above link), one-on-one tech help, PLC meetings.

State of Tech

As of Tuesday, September 13, we had 36 open work orders ranging from projectors, computer issues, and cabling. Teena and I were able to close 18+ of those this past week. We replaced several outdated student computers and monitors, put in request for cabling, installed a couple new projectors (more to come), connected printers, fixed laptops, adjusted projectors, and plugged in network cables. We still have several open work orders, and get more every day. Please be patient as we work through those. Many times, work orders require something from central office and we are on their time when that happens, or they are out of my range of tech skills and Teena has to take over.

Please continue to use to submit ANY work orders (I get the email too, so no need to copy me on it). Thanks for your patience!!!

Lock your computer with Windows +L when you aren't near.

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