Road to Perseverance

By Emma Sherwin

"Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did." - Newt Gingrich


Perseverance is what helps everyone in life. The word perseverance means that you take on a challenge no matter what may come in your way. In this newsletter, you will learn about the journey to perseverance. These people include Jackie Robinson, Winston Churchill, Kid President, Carroll Academy, and the Boston Marathon Bombing. The purpose of this newsletter is to show you how these people dealt with adversities and reached their goals.

Winston Churchill (Description)

Winston Churchill is an inspirational and important historical figure. He was born in his grandfather’s house in Blenheim Palace in Marlborough, England. During his childhood he barely got to see his parents and was sent to boarding school. Throughout his life he has showed bravery, creativity, and leadership. For example, in 1899 he became a war correspondent for The Morning Post in South America. Another example is he was known for was being the First Lord of Admiralty in 1911. During this time, he was able to lead the British Navy. However, his best triumph was in 1940. During this time he was leading Britain to War against Nazi Germany Prime Minister. To help his side he brought recruited the United States and the Soviet Union to help them. With their combative spirit they were able to defeat the Nazi’s and keep their homes safe. Winston Churchill once said, “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” From this quote, we can learn that your courage is what keeps you going.

Kid President vs. an Everyday Kid (Compare/Contrast)

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Carroll Academy- The Lady Jagger's (Problem/Solution)

Carroll Academy is a correctional school located in the state of Tennessee. The town it's located in has an unemployment rate of 12.3%, and 19.6% of the people living under the poverty level. Carroll Academy is used for troubled kids that were kicked out of their original school for many reasons. Many of the kids that went to this school faced adversities like parents that took drugs/alcohol, mental/ emotional disorders, etc. This school had a basketball team called the Lady Jagger's, and that's their solution. One day two basketball coaches from the team get a group of girls together to form a team, even though some have never played. The Lady Jagger's trained hard but had a losing streak of 206 loses and 6 wins in almost 14 years. Some of the games would end with a score of 2-58 or 3-89 with them barely making it past half. However, the coaches never have up. They pushed the girls to the limit to teach them resilience. When the end of the season finally came the girls worked hard to get the other team to have a challenge. The end result, was a score of 29-56 and the coaches were so proud. In memory of this special moment the coaches brought all the girls into the locker room to sing them a song. Basketball had really changed the way that the team saw the world, and with a little perseverance, some of the girls could return to their old schools.

Jackie Robinson's Biggest Accomplishments (Sequence)

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The Running Club Where Boston Bombing Survivors Take Strides Together (Cause/Effect)

In the year of 2013, a large group of families and friends all came together to run in the annual Boston Marathon. They had a great time, laughing, running, spending time together. Until the last stretch. That last few miles was the cause of why this day is so horrifying. That day two brothers had worked together to set off a bomb next to the street where the race took place. When it went off, so many innocent people had been injured and killed that everyone there wanted to forget about it. The result was horrible. Many people started to give up and stop, until one faithful group had decided to run one more time. 415 people from that dreadful day had chosen to come together and take the memory of the bombing and turn it into something great. So in 2014, the Boston Marathon arrived and those people ran like the bombing never stopped them. After that race in 2014, it had effected everyone that ran in 2013. The people will never give up, they will remain resilient.


From others that had persevered throughout their life, we can learn that not everything may go as we planned. To persevere we need to face our fears and be resilient. The reason that the people in this newsletter were mentioned was because they never gave up. Even in the darkest times they had the power to find the light and make a change. That is what we can learn from these people, that even when there is no hope, you can always find a way.