Curriculum Connections

Ms. Welch, CST - Week of November 6-10

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Upcoming Dates:

Nov. 13 - PAWS PD Mini EdCamp @2:45 Design Lab

Nov. 14 - School Play Auditions (3rd-5th grade)

Nov. 14 - Katie Reeves Community Board Meeting @NPE

Nov. 14 - 7:15/6 Panther Parent Prep Reading Workshop

Nov. 15 - Class Bee winners due!

Nov. 15 -Chipotle Spirit Night

Nov. 16 - PAWS PD Google Classroom @2:45 Widis’ Room

Nov. 20 - 24th Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 28 - BAS Scores due on the spreadsheet

Math Workshop

The components of M.A.T.H. workshop include:

  • Daily math warm up/Number Talk (5-10 minutes)
  • Mini lesson (10 minutes)
  • M.A.T.H. practice time (40 minutes)
  • Close/Ticket out the door (10 minutes)

Easy Assessment with Seesaw!

Join us to explore the basic tools in Seesaw that enable students of all ages to show what they know!
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Easy Green Screen

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Final PAWS PD Sessions for November are this week!

Take advantage of the two PAWS PD Sessions this week:

1. Mini EdCamp Monday

2. Google Classroom Thursday

See the Catalog link below:

Science Materials - What is Your Opinion?

As you know the board approved a period of public review of science textbooks between November 1 – December 6 to provide teachers and the general public an opportunity to view resources being considered and to complete feedback surveys. The feedback will be used to inform the FINAL decision about the resources that will be adopted, likely for the next 6 years. Teacher feedback is critical in the process so we have revised our plan to provide additional opportunities to engage teachers in the process. Please read the following information carefully and let me know if you have any questions.

The FCS STEM Department has coordinated the following opportunities:
NEW: Rolling Materials through Learning Communities - Because substitutes are not available for teachers to review materials, we have coordinated the transport of additional hard copies of resources through Learning Communities. It is so important that you view the materials to offer your feedback on our new Science materials.

Online access of the resources at surveys at: - there is a navigational page and survey for parents and a different, more comprehensive navigational page and survey for teachers.
NOTE: Vendor Presentations from November 7 will be posted on this website by November 13 so that teachers can view them to get a better idea of the resources available.

11 Public Review Sites
for parents and teachers to review all the resources are still in place as previously announced. K-8 materials are at: Asa G. Hillard ES, Creekview ES, Randolph ES, State Bridge ES, North Learning Center, and the South Learning Center are public review sites.

Questions? Contact your STEM Specialist, Donna Barrett-Williams at or Nyasha Okor at