The Kingdom of Kush

By:Raven and Arica


The Kingdom of Kush was a wealthy Kingdom and the people worshiped god's.So its about how the Kingdom of Kush was with how the people dressed or what they do or the economy or the golden age. This place was located in Africa. They would burry King's and Queen's in Tomb's or pyramids. They would get married at the age of eleven and under THAT IS SO CRAZY!!!Everything that was happening was bad. The cities trade market collasped and the Kingdom of Kush had slipped into ruin.


The Kingdom Of Kush

1. why do we know so much more about ancient Egypt then about Kush?

They were neighboring kingdom's.

2. Why was meroe a good choice to be the capital city of Kush?

The King wanted the capital because the king moved from Napata from Meroe and it became the heart of Nubian culture and of a golden age that would last for centuries.

3. What special skills made the Nubians so admirable?

They could smelt iron, They made jewelry, And they were masters of the bow and arrow.

4. Do you think it is important to study and preserve remnats of ancient cultures such as Kush?

Yes because we need to learn the history of different Kingdoms and learn more about how they lived back then.

History!!! (:

We read about the Kingdom Of Kush and it was interesting. They made jewelry like nacklaces and braclets they did stuff with iron and they were very good at the bow and arrow. The Kingdom of Kush was located on the Nile river to the south of ancient Egypt. They lived around 1550 A.D. Everything that was happening was bad, the cities trade market collapsed and the kingdom of kush had slippde into ruin.

Sources. This is how we found the location. q=a+map+of+where+the+kingdom+of+kush+was+located&qs=n&form=QBIR&pq=a+map+of+where+the+kingdom+of+kush+was+located&sc=0-26&sp=-1&sk=&adlt=strict we found some cool pictures on this!!

Our booklet is called the Kingdom of Kush. we read how the empire slipped into ruin. Clothing and hobbies and ect.