Decimals Menu Activity

Let's review +, -, x and ÷ decimals!!

Before you Begin!

One partner will create a Google Doc and share it with the other AND Ms. Baker. This will be a working document for the duration of our activity. All calculations will be completed BY HAND and turned in at the end of each class period.

Google Doc Requirements:

- List of items that were ordered (including prices)

- Task 1 Answer

- Task 2 Answer

- Task 3 Answer

- Task 4 Answer

- Task 5 Answer

- Task 6 Answer

Task 1: Meal Subtotal

You and 3 friends are going to the new Buffalo Wild Wings that just opened in town. You each order a drink, an appetizer, and a meal. Using the menu below (or the paper copy), fill out the sales receipt. How much money are you spending total?

Task 2: Tax

Using the subtotal from your bill, how much tax will you pay? How much is your total now including tax?

(Hint: The tax rate is 8%)

Task 3: Tip

Your waiter did a great job, and you want to tip him 20%. How much will you tip? How much does that make your final total?

Task 4: Split Check

You decide to split the cost of your meal with your 4 friends. How much will each person pay? (Round to the nearest cent if necessary.)

Task 5: Discount

You have a coupon for 5% off your portion of the bill. How much will you save? How much will you pay total?

Task 6: Change

If you pay with a $100 bill, how much change will your receive?