Amazing Outrageous Primates

By Andrew

A Primates' Life Cycle

Like every other living thing, a Primate has a life cycle. One example is a Gorilla's life cycle. First, the Gorilla is born. Soon, the Gorilla rides on its mother's back. Next, it starts to walk and play on its feet, but with mother close. Lastly, the Gorilla starts mating and goes on its own. Many other Primates have the same life cycle too!

Primates Around the World

Primates live in all different continents including Africa, Asia, and Central and South America. Some Primates that live in Africa are Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Bonobos, Baboons, and Mandrills. Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Bonobos, and Mandrills live on the ground while Baboons live in trees and the ground. Some Primates that live in Asia are Gibbons, Siamangs, and Orangutans. Siamangs and Gibbons live in the trees while Orangutans live in trees but sometimes go on the ground. Some Primates, like the Spider Monkey, live in the Rain Forests of Central and South America. As you can see Primates live in many different places.
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Hungry Primates

Primates need to eat many different things. Almost all Primates eat fruit, like Mangoes. A lot of Primates eat plants, like leaves. Some Primates eat insects and small animals. For example, Chimpanzees eat small monkeys and Termites and Baboons eat Cheetah cubs and Rabbits. That is what most Primates eat.
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Swinging Primates

A lot of Primates climb and live in trees. Primates have prehensile hands. This is why they are able to grasp branches easily. All Primates have opposable toes and thumbs. This also helps the Primate grasp branches. Some Primates live in trees. For example, the Orangutan lives in the trees but sometimes goes on the ground. That is how Primates swing in trees.
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Primates vs. Humans

Primates and humans are very alike and different. The Primate that is closest to a human is the Chimpanzee because of its very alike brain. However, Primates are also very different. Primates are wild and humans aren't. Lemurs are not like humans even though they are Primates. As you can see Primates and humans are very alike and different.
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  1. Mating- the action of a animal breeding
  2. Continents- large landmasses of land [there are seven]
  3. Prehensile- capable of grasping something
  4. Opposable toes and thumbs- a toe or thumb that can be used for grasping