• Stress

  • Tired

  • Sad

  • Lack of something in life

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Family that may use it in front of you

  • Environmental Factors


  • Sleepiness

  • Pupils

  • Tolerance

  • Withdrawal mood swings


  • Therapy

  • Rehab

  • Treatment Programs

  • Psychotherapy

  • Self help groups

  • Help with withdrawal symptoms


It’s Probably always the Family member or a very good friend to ask about the patients behavior. The first part of call is usually a (GP)

(General Practitioner, Primary care Physician, Family doctor) If the doctor suspects an addiction problem, the patient will be referred to a specialist. Blood test will be required to see if the substance is still in the system.


  • The substance or activity to which a person is addicted.

  • Reasons for the addiction

  • The length of time the addiction has existed.

  • The patients desire to be cured of the addiction.

  • The amount and type of support available