March 5th, 2018 Pony News

On the Side of Hope!

We are a No Excuses University Campus! Developing a Growth Mindset for us and our Ponies!

Let's finish our week strong and comfy!

You are welcome to wear your jeans this week :-)


Please click on the link to see the sequence of the Rally! Notice we will have a new song!

A Minute with the LASes

TELPAS Officially Begins

Just a few reminders...

  • Please be aware that the official TELPAS tests begin Tuesday, March 6th. We will be conducting 4 testing sessions each day in the Computer Lab and the Library. If possible, do not use the Computer Lab hallway this week to ensure that we are as quiet and secure as well can be. Thank you in advance!
  • Remember - Only staff that have been to TELPAS security training are allowed in the Computer Lab/Library during testing sessions.
  • Check your time(s) and location(s) on the calendar below.
  • The 4th and 5th Writing Samples are due Thursday, March 8th - Personal Narrative and Social Studies.
  • Spanish teachers in 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - The window for the Assessment of Spanish Learners' progress is from Monday, Feb 26 to March 30. Some of us did the Part II but didn't complete the Part I of the training on the Assessment Tool. If that is your case, you can still rate Listening and Speaking, but cannot rate Reading and Writing (until you complete the Part I of the training).
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A Message from the Safe and Civil Committee -LVES School Badge Information

Each teacher should have the following passes and lanyards hanging in their room for students to use when they are outside of the classroom without direct teacher supervision:

Click here for instruction.

Please make sure you are following these procedures!

Imagine Learning - Think Through Math

Our Ponies in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades have been working diligently to complete the second TTM Benchmark assessment. You are encouraged to have all of your eligible students complete this second Benchmark prior to Spring Break. Take a minute to ask Mrs. Varona and Mrs. Isham about their students' growth with this program, and watch their faces light up with pride and excitement.

Our 3rd - 5th grade Ponies have passed a total of 6,276 lessons! Encourage your students to keep up their good work. :-) At the end of the third nine weeks, awards will be presented to students who have passed 45 or more lessons. Thank you for supporting our students with this program.

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No Tardy Taters Program

Mrs. Sammon's second graders recently received another No Tardy Tater Certificate! They were so excited about their accomplishment that they posed for a picture with their Mr. Potato Head. :-)
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We are so proud of all of our teachers. Click here to see nominees!


  • We are so proud of all of our Instructional Support staff. Click here to see nominees!

Discipline Committee

When: Wednesday March 7th

Time: 2:00 to 3:30

Location: Data Hub

Coverage: Ms. Vando will contact you for coverage

Agenda: Click here

BLT Committe

When: Wednesday March 7th

Time: 3:30 to 4:30

Location: Library

Agenda: Click here

Integration and Innovation Technology Committee

This commit will create Safe and Civil videos to be used during announcements, rallies and social media.

When: Wednesday March 7th

Time: 3:30 to 4:30

Location: Computer Lab

Agenda: Click here

Assessment Data/Calendar (2017-18)

Lewisville Elementary Assessment Data/Calendar (2017-18)

Weekly Calendar

Monday March 5th

  • College Ready Rally 2:20-2:45 p.m.
  • 8:30 to 12:00 Required TELPAS all content 5th grade
  • College/U shirt Day
  • TELPAS Window
  • Writing Collections 3/5-4/6
  • ITF
  • Grades due at 8am 3rd 9 wk. 2nd Progress Report
  • March 5th at 4 pm.

Tuesday March 6th
  • TELPAS Window
  • Writing Collections 3/5-4/6
  • 4th Teachers- Writing Academy
  • NO PLC

Wednesday March 7th

  • All Level Team Meetings
  • Dress for Success Day
  • TELPAS Window
  • Writing Collections 3/5-4/6
  • LA, Science, Math ACT
  • Discipline referral committee meeting 2:00 to 3:30
  • Innovation & Integration Design Team mtg. 3:30
  • BLT 3:30 to 4:30

Thursday March 8th

  • Open House (K-2 5:30-6:30 pm) and (3-5 6:30-7:30 pm)
  • TELPAS Window
  • Writing Collections 3/5-4/6
  • Multilingual Coordinator
  • Science, Math ACT
  • 2nd- 5th: TELPAS Personal Narrative & Social Studies writing samples due
  • K-1: two TELPAS free choice writing sample due

Friday March 9th
  • Staff Luncheon- 4th/Office host
  • 5th Grade Growth and Dev. Program @2:00
  • 3rd Grade Symphony Field Trip
  • LVES Spirit Day
  • TELPAS Window
  • Writing Collections 3/5-4/6

Staff Shout Outs

  • Mrs. Valdes, thank you for pushing and supporting me. I'm growing, and it feels great!
  • Mrs. Sanchez - Thanks for listening and sharing ideas. You are appreciated for doing so much for so many of us.
  • Thank you Izzy Bernal for helping me with lesson plans!!!
  • Dana McGraw thank you for being an amazing example of a kindergarten teacher for me to aspire to be!!!
  • Lori McNamara thank you for sharing amazing planning ideas!!!
  • Sandra Rodriguez thank you for always making me smile :)
  • Gabby Morales, for always helping with our students to become better students.
  • Izzy Bernal for her dedication to kids
  • Stephanie Sanchez for being always being proactive
  • Ms. Arocha for using her time to help our team get a jump start on our next unit
  • Ms. Rigsby for sharing her stickers with me!
  • Vicki Butler for always doing our lunch choices graphs
  • Nurse Rachel for being so patient with our kinder friends!
  • Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Zamora, Mr. Thomas, Coach Green, and Coach W.- Thank you for supporting me in every way possible and being there to help me at a moment's notice! You are all Super Sonic Llamas!
  • Nurse Rachael for working so hard to get over 80 students a new pair of glasses! This is fantastic!! Thank you Nurse Rachael for looking out for our ponies!
  • Coach W he is always will to help and going that extra mile to help. So grateful for moving a heavy desk for me.
  • Mrs. Rutherford and Mrs. Burleson, thank you for printing the writing resources for us!
  • Mrs. McGraw, thanks for always having a smile on your face! :)
  • Mrs. Rutherford, thank you for always thinking about what is best for students. You are inspiring. :-)
  • Mrs. Burleson, thanks for finding the humor in situations. Your outlook is wonderful.
  • Vando for being willing to help anyone and everyone. LVES is so lucky to have you on staff.
  • Mrs. Kitchen for calmly helping to deescalate several situations this week.
  • Mr. Colon for building relationships with some of our young Ponies and encouraging them to be their best.
  • Mrs. Rubio for making sure the office and lounge is always colorful and decorated for each holiday.
  • Mrs. Holguin for stepping working hard to help out in a different role for the past several weeks.

  • Click here to submit your Shout Out.

March Birthdays

  • Shuntel Green - March 3rd
  • Marisol Anguita - March 5th
  • Yvette Bernal - March 5th
  • Miguel Perez - March 12th
  • Sandra Rodriguez - March 21st
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