Sixth Grade Weekly News

February 19, 2016

A Week In Review

Reading: We completed our non-fiction unit this week; the post-test was given on Thursday and Friday. Results will be sent home within the next couple weeks.

Writing: We are finishing up our informational practice piece.

Math: We are working on dividing fractions in context.

Social Studies: We are completing our presentations on the geography of our ancient civilizations.

Science: We began our space unit by discussing the universe, galaxies, and solar systems.

Kinder Buddies: To celebrate the 100th day of school (2/10), we did 100's day activities with our buddies! See pictures below.

Field Trip: Last week we went to the Chicago Symphony and Art Institute! See pictures below.

A Peak Into Next Week

Reading: We will begin our specific non-fiction unit, which covers the topic of cultures.

Writing: We will be preparing for our informational writing test, which will be within the next couple weeks.

Math: We are continuing to work on dividing fractions with visual models, context problems, and standard algorithms.

Social Studies: Presentations will be next week!

Science: We will continue learning about space!


-DARE will be Monday and Tuesday in the morning.

-CoGat testing for sixth grade will be 3 hours, spread across 3 days.

Conferences Q&A

Q: Are there PARCC resources?


Q: What is CoGat testing?

A: CoGat testing is a Cognitive Analysis test that helps the district determine gifted services. We are unsure when we will receive the results.

Q: Does Jefferson Junior High require cursive?

A: According to the principal of JJH, they do not require cursive. However, they may need to sign their name on documents.

Q: Will there be an informational meeting before JJH?

A: Yes! We do not have information as to when, but you will be notified.

Q: Will kids be able to sign up for classes before the summer?

A: Yes; we will take the kids to Jefferson before the end of the year, and at that time they will be able to choose classes.