Dr. Wise's 4th Grade

I can...

1. learn common idioms

2. use idioms in my writing

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Watch and Learn About Idioms: Videos

Write down 10 of your favorite idioms as you watch the videos.
English Lesson #7 | 10 Common Idioms - Examples & Meanings Part 2
25 most commonly used Idioms and their Meaning

Idiom Worksheets

Student Assignments:

1. Go to, do the idioms assignment.

2. Play the two idiom games below.

3. Make an Idiom Poster with paper or make an Idiom Digital Presentation with ten of your favorite idioms. Post the presentation on the button below.


*log on with your office 365 account

Idiom Games

Have fun!

Just for Fun

Look at these spooky idioms.

Post your Digital Presentations

Idiom Digital Presentations

Students: Post your presentations here