Coniferous Forest

Coniferous Forests are very large and have interesting facts

Most are located in Canada, Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Since it is located in the more northern regions it has longer winters and colder ones than we would. In the winter it can be -40 C to 20 C, but in the summer its around 10 C. It roughly covers 15% of Earths land surface. It is the largest land habitat. Precipitation varies from 300 to 900 mm a year.

Plants and some land forms of the Coniferous Forest.

The trees in this region are long and narrow. Plants which grow here are Ponderosa Pine, Jeffrey Pine, White Fir, Snowbrush, and Squaw Carpet. In the Northern Rocky mountain area there are tall mountains and valleys and mountain trenches between them.

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The Animals of the Coniferous Forest.

There are many animals in this forest but here are the some of the major ones

The Coniferous forest is getting smaller because the human population is growing and we need more room, so we cut down the forests to make room. Once we do this we destroy the habitats of these animals and will die off because they have no place to live.

The predators of the Coniferous Forest.

The prey of the Coniferous Forest.