Reasons Why to Learn Keyboard

Tips to help you succeed

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How to Help Improve Typing Skills

Know how to use the Home Row Position. Hit keys with only the fingers they have been reserved for.

Always return to the starting position of the fingers "ASDF – JKL;".

Good posture can also help with good typing speed. By being back in seat, wrists on table and keep your back straight.

Why Should you Learn to Type Fast

It could help you get a job because employers want people with good computer skills.

Gets work done faster and makes it where you can get an assignment turned on time.

And its not a hard thing to learn. With practice and time it with definitely increase your typing speed.

Increase Your WPM

To increase your WPM you must learn to type with all you fingers and not just your index fingers.

Another way to increase your WPM is to practice typing without looking at the keyboard.

A good way to practice is to get on good typing practice sites on the internet.