Hair transplant surgery


Does FUE hair transplant require more skill and specialist knowledge?

From the hair restoration speciality, there are two techniques that happen to be very famous one is FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), which happens to be a well used technique referred to as the strip surgery and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), and that is a modern way of getting your lost hair back.In FUE procedure no blades or scalpels are being used like in the strip surgery, instead a compact surgical instrument is commonly used to extract one follicular unit at one time. The scars are invisible, with the option for shaving their head during the entire life time. The recovery time is less to the patient as well as less bleeding. The potential risk of severing the follicles with little destruction can be had through this technique.As being the single follicle is extracted at one time, the key of obtaining FUE will depend on a straightforward technique. The treatment along with the uniformity of your outcome could differ with every surgeon. FUE can be a time intensive procedure and requires an incredible pair of expertise and skills in the hair restoration surgeon for an extended period of your energy.

Techniques useful for FUE

The follicles are extracted individually, about 20% of the grafts are harvested per procedure in the same amount of time of a FUT procedure, as in FUE. There are recent advances that are aiming to solve the problems that are coming in the way, as it is the latest technique in the hair restoration business.

•There are actually motorized harvest hand pieces which gets coupled to the suction that combine the punch along with the harvest.

•Another popular motorized system is the Neograft, and that is a manual surgical device extracting follicular units in the donor area and harvesting them from the recipient area using an air-pressure or possibly a suction-pedestal system. This machine is to some extent automated, although it is not a robotic system. This particular one-step device can harvest 2,000 grafts in a single session. NeoGraft transmit with a manual control which happens to be given by a human operator for extracting and selecting follicular unit grafts. The robotic Hair transplant surgery , on the flip side offers a good rate of healthier grafts, irrespective of the operator. NeoGraft machine useful for FUE can certainly make human errors, as being the capability of your surgeon along with the speed in which it is conducted varies. The best angulation, follicular unit control, depth, resulting traction and performation are must on an optimal outcome. Hence, it can be proved that FUE hair requires more skills and expertise in comparison to the strip surgery.


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