Rental yachts and catering for your wedding needs!

By Andy Santarelli and Avery Otten!

Six Business Activities!

  1. Generating Ideas: Our company supplies rental yachts for anyone and everyone’s wedding needs. We realized that there was a large number of engaged couples looking to have a different kind of wedding. We now supply that different wedding by putting them on a boat. Not only do we supply the boat, but we also have an option to cater the event as well.

  2. Raising Capital: We had a very limited amount of money to invest in our business. But we ended up making the most of what we already had without getting any loans by buying our yachts from police impounds. It ended up costing us around $10,000 for the boats and about another $10,000 for employees.

  3. Employees and Training: It is mandatory for our captains to all have official boating licenses and to have a clean boating record, so no accidents! Our chefs are all the finest from Europe. Most of them come straight from the Castello di Vicarello culinary school in Tuscany, Italy. We make sure all of our employees are up to date on their licenses, and we supply the necessary training for them to stay up to date on the new and best improvements in the business.

  4. Buying Goods And Services: What we don’t grow organically ourselves we purchase from local suppliers. Again, all of our foods are organic and unhindered by harmful chemicals. This supports local businesses and gives back to the community. Our boats are all purchased from police impounds. Don’t worry, we renovate them all before use.

  5. Marketing Goods and Services: With the leftover wood from the boat renovations, we build our own signs. We post the signs in local towns and along major roadways. We also rent billboards. we change billboards every 2 months to ensure that we are introducing our business to different people all the time.

  6. Maintaining Business Records: We as the owners keep our own records and make sure everything is meeting the the status we need to excel in our business. We try our best not to rely on other people or businesses, as we feel doing our own work is what will pay off the most.


We are a partnership, and we do not plan on becoming a corporation any time soon. We firmly believe that doing our own business and not relying on anybody else is the best way to grow and improve our business. This not only means more growth, but it also means better quality and faster service for our customers.

Business Goals!

  1. We are looking at getting three brand new yachts for our business.
  2. We want to hire at least 6 more chefs for each new yacht, so about 18.
  3. We want to hit our one million dollar profit mark by the end of next year.
  4. We hope to be able provide entertainment, such as musicians, magicians, and comedians, for the yachts.
  5. We want to begin hosting honeymoons on our yachts within the next month.

Mission Statement!

Our business aims to please our customers in every way they please. We try our best to bring the highest level of happiness and comfort we can supply to what could be the greatest day of their lives.

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