All about Me

Me Myself and I

My Hobbies Include but are not limited to:

  • Hunting
  • Video Games
  • Fishing
  • Football

The Values in my life:

  • What I value the most is Jesus Christ and how he died for us
  • My family
  • My pets

I feel that my self esteem is:

Accomplishment and hope to be a man of great character.

Kuder Results:


My interests are:

Unique sizes and shapes of buildings in what sparks my interests

Future education:

I plan to attend a 4 year college and obtain a bachelor degree

My personality type:

My personality type is all sorts of types including,




My exploration for career suggestions:

One day when I get older I would like to be an architecht

My future career Goal:

One of my career goals are to become an architect and to work in a big city

The characteristics of my future career

To design buildings in a future goal of mine

My desired lifestyle:

I look forward to living in an Urban life style

A good explanation of who Seth is:

  • Fun
  • Kind
  • Quiet
  • Joyful

Brain Orientation

I am a Whole-Brain