Coppell High School Top Ten Stories

By: Taylor Stiff

10: Coppell High School Band

Coppell High School's band has been one of the best band programs in the U.S. They have won many awards for all different genres. For ten years the CHS band has been the winner of the Texas State Solo and Ensemble Championship.

They march during all of the football games at Coppell High School. The halftime show is always centered and focused most on what the band has to offer. Each year they come up with a new performance to wow the audience.

The CHS band also does a lot of concerts and individual performances. They have won the Sweepstakes Award at UIL for the past 12 years. As the band has constantly been growing every year so does their talent.

Coppell High School Marching Band 2012 - UIL 5A State Marching Contest

9: Rakestraw's Cowboys win one for Kamryn

Two year old Kamryn Rakestraw was diagnosed with neuroblastoma last May. This rare form of cancer took over Kamryn and all of Coppell was by her side. The Coppell High School Soccer team was especially there for her because the head soccer coach is her dad.

Kamryn had a surgery in September to remove the tumor and it was successful. The whole soccer team had an extra shot of motivation to play for during their season. They dedicated it all to Kamryn.

The support for this little girl in Coppell was amazing. From the T-shirts that said, "FAITH, COURAGE, FIGHT" and the soccer team winning a playoff spot. Through all of this hard time Coppell and the Rakestraw family fought through it all.

8: Future Filmmakers Shine in Spotlight of CHS Film Festival

The Coppell High School Film Festival occurred on May 6, 2013. This festival showcased all the short films students in the Coppell community had made in the past year. It was a good way to let the people of Coppell see what their students can do.

This was the first year of the CHS Film Festival and it is sure not to be it's last. Lots of friends and family of the filmmakers joined in the auditorium to watch all the films from middle school students to high school students. There also was a guest judge from Chazown Films.

The judge, Michael Spangler, picked differents films to win in different categories There was a middle school section as well as a high school section. Overall the festival was a huge success.

7: STAAR Testing Requirements Under Change

STAAR has been a main topic of Coppell and Coppell High School for a long time now. After the EOC tests last year, state representatives discovered how hard this system is. The district has been debating whether to use its own testing system instead of this one.

The bill has passed with about 400 to two so far but this bill could cause some changes as well. The graduation plan could get rearranged if the tests change. There are a lot of parts to the bill so it has to be thought out carefully.

From 15 tests to five required tests are being suggested in the bill for the sophomores and under. The Whole STAAR testing idea started about 20 years ago but now some people think it isn't such a good idea. Overall they think we spend way too much time testing instead of learning.

6: Girls Varsity Golf Road to State

Seven girl golfers for Coppell High School won a spot at the Regional Golf Tournament in Lubbock in April. Now they advanced on to state in Lubbock. This is the first time that the girls golf team in Coppell advanced to state.

The group of girls were seniors Tiffany Breitenwischer and Lexi Kearney, juniors Taylor Icenberger and Hannah Jiao, and sophomores Chaithra Katamneni, Sol Lee and Payton Cupstid. The total amount they shot was 305 each day for a total of 605. They accomplished a lot from the past years.

All of Coppell was really proud of these girls and their accomplishment of going to state for CHS the first time. After countless hours on the course their hard work payed off. Now the girls team is ranked fourth in the state.

5: Ultimate Frisbee Club Wins State Championship

Ultimate Frisbee is a new and popular sport at Coppell High school. The team of 36 competed in the Lone Star State Championship on March 30, 2013. The Season started on March 22 and they practiced every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Afternoon.

Lots of hard work and dedication brought the team to this victory. They started the game off with a 5-1 record. There were six games total in the state championship.

They won one game after another and kept playing till they won it all. All the kids on the team love every minute of the sport. They can't wait to go to nationals on May 11.

4: Voters Pass 79.5 Million Bond Package

On May 11, the bond package of $79.5 million was passed by 63.34 percent. The bond will give Coppell a new elementary school, new technology, better maintenance and security, and a new athletic facilities. The new school will be located in Irving or Cypress Waters.

Since the Coppell area has been growing so much. This bond will bring a lot of new opportunities to more students. Valley Ranch Elementary enrollment rose from 550 students to over 680 in the past five years.

With the bond passing, it also will make it easier on the kids that have to be bussed to their school since it will now be closer. Also with the technology it can cause both problems and benefits, but the benefits rise a little higher than the problems. So far the bond is looking good for Coppell.

3: Year of the Coppell Boys Soccer Adds Another State Title to Trophy Case

On Saturday April 20, 2013, Coppell High School's soccer team won the 5A State Championship game. Chris Madden scored the winning goal at the game. There was only 56 seconds left in the second overtime.

This is the second soccer state title for Coppell High School. They won the season with 24-2. The team knew if they believed they would win anything was possible.

The game was super close but Coppell made it through with victory shining on their faces. This is a game that the team and Coppell will never forget. It was full of excitement and celebration.

Coppell State Championship POST GAME

2: Coppell ISD Adds Grief Counselors After Death of a Second Student

A few days after Jacob Logan went cliff diving, a second teen of Coppell died. On October 17, 2012, Jonah Blackwell was found dead at McInnish Park in Carrollton. This was a shocking event for the students of the Coppell High School.

Blackwell committed suicide just before 4 p.m. on Tuesday. District Officials did not think that the suicide was related with the disappearance of Jacob Logan. Many of the students have taken this week really hard so CHS brought in more counselors to help cope.

This week was already tough on the whole school but now with two gone it made it a lot tougher. The counselors helped with the waves of emotion, especially with the senior calls. Both of the boys were seniors.

Coppell Student Section vs. Flower Mound

1: Family, Friends Mourn Coppell Teen Who's Presumed Drowned

On Sunday October 14, Jacob Logan jumped into Possum Kingdom Lake and never resurfaced. The 17-year-old was at the lake with his friends and wasn't wearing a life jacket like the other boys. After Logan didn't come up from the jump his friends called the police right away.

Since the Lake was at least six inches shallower many possible things could of happened The scuba team was having a hard time finding the body because the water was very dark and dusty. Coppell was in full shock, especially the Logan family.

Lots of people came over to the Logan's house to give gifts of their sorrow. Jacob Logan was on the CHS football team and many other sports. He was known by most of the High School and never will be forgotten. This was a bad accident that Coppell had to go through.

Jacob Logan Tribute