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Michaels is a specialty arts and crafts store, founded in 1973. We offer over 40,000 products, including classes for how to use those products. Don't forget to check out our famed custom framing, as well as our custom floral!

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December 8th, 2015

Time of Demo:


Description of Activity:

Greeting and customer assistance, replenishing empty shelves/items, answering phone calls for customer service, responding to cash back-up


Customer service is a vital aspect in the functionality of any retail store. Friendly and professional staff that can provide insight on a customers interests will encourage them to keep coming back. Especially because Michaels is a store that sells "wants" rather than "needs", creating a lasting impression on our customers is crucial, not only for the business, but for consumer morale. As the job of a sales associate is to help a customer locate their products with ease and to recommend similar items for their project, efficiency and overall knowledge is important to keeping the business rolling.

Details of Activity:

-Providing exceptional customer service

-Greeting customers

-Answering calls

-Running price checks for the cashiers

-Down-stock and recovery

-Returning go-backs

Required Materials:

-Michaels Uniform


-RF Scanner

Special Instructions for Co-op Teacher:


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Frequently Asked Questions

"Can I make an order for a product online?"

-No, Michaels Canada does not currently do online shopping

"I found a product online but not in the store?"

-Certain Michaels locations have products ours may not, and there is no way to tell which has which

"Do you work here?"

-Yes, I work here, as if the red "Michaels" vest didn't give it away