October 3-7, 2016

North River’s vision is to ignite a positive community of motivated students excited about lifelong learning.

Week A

Student Academic Goals are due in TalendEd by Oct 15.

Teachers Help Teachers - Oct 14 at 2:00 Location TBA

End of first nine weeks is Oct 11. Window to enter grades will be Oct 11-17. Report cards go home Oct 20


Google Keep

For this week's tip of the week, you will notice it is more of an organizational tech tip than instructional. This is a Google App (and Extension if you would like) that you can use each day in your school and home life. The image below shows an example of the types of things you can use Google Keep for daily. You can see that it is a note taking service developed by Google. Some people keep this as a tab opened on their account each and every day. There is also a mobile app for your cell phone and/or tablet. If you would like more information about how to download Google Keep or types of things that you can use it for, please just email or catch Meg Yancey.

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Technology Committee

Teachers: If you would like to serve on our Technology Committee please let me know. Some of the items we will work on are updating our website, digital citizenship, and the new technology standards for teachers.

We will have a couple of face to face meeting, but the bulk of the work can be completed using technology.