Claudia Ramirez

World Geography

November 7, 2014
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Visit Paraguay!

Visit the Heart of South America or in other words Paraguay. Most people get attracted to it's more well neighbors, and miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful country. Don't be one of them!

Paraguay is a peaceful country with a large variety of birds. From the Amambay Mountains to the Ypacarai Lake, Paraguay contains different landscapes that will take your breath away. The Icono Tower, Saltos del Monday, La Santisima Trinidad de Parana, and the Itaipu Dam are all part of great places to visit in Paraguay.

Furthermore Paraguayans prepare mouthwatering dishes. The Terere(drink), Bori Bori, Arro Quesu, and their famous Asado are some examples. In addition Paraguayans are friendly and generous people that will not only invite you a terere, but might even offer you to rest in their homes.

Stop thinking about it, and with no hesitation pack your suitcases and visit Paraguay!


Paraguay provides for freedom of conscience, so it doesn't have and official religion. However Roman Catholic is the dominant religion having about 90% of the population. The other 10% is from Christian, Mormon, Muslim, Baha'i, and Jewish groups.


After the Constitution of 1992, Paraguay has adopted two official languages which are Spanish & Guarani.

Ethnic Groups

Paraguay population consists of 95% of mestizos, which most come from a mixture of Spanish and Guarani Amerindian. The other 5% come from pure Amerindians, black, European, or of Asian immigrant stock.


The Paraguayans have very similar holidays to those we have. They have holidays such as their independence day, labor day, important catholic days, new years, etc. One of their largest festival is their annual carnival. Also Paraguayans two major styles of music are polka and guarania. Paraguay has an exquisite and traditional bread named chipa. As well as the chipa, mbeyu is another exquisite old-fashioned dish.


Even though the minimum wage of Paraguay is approximately $200 per month, about 50% of Paraguay's employees work on agriculture and forestry. Many others work outside the formal economy, and a much smaller percentage work in industry and mining.


In Paraguay there is a famous holiday called Heroes Day, which is on March the first. This day is celebrated to honor leader Marshal Francisco Solano Lopez, who died defending his country. Furthermore, citizens celebrate with music related to their national history and eat all national delicacies. Besides Heroes Day, Festival Of Alfalfa is another famous festival, who takes place at the end of September. Festival Of Alfalfa is made to celebrate another successful alfalfa crop. This is not only celebrated by dancing and playing music, but by drinking as well. As a final point, on February 3 "San Blas Fiestas" take over. To celebrate Paraguay's patron saint, this festivals are the biggest in the city of Ciudad del Este. Almost at the end of this celebration Paraguayans make a huge carnival, which is similar to the carnival on Rio de Janiero, but smaller.
Visita Paraguay!