SiBoom Software

Beauty salon management software

Streamline Operations with the Beauty Salon Management Software

Through the integration of all processes involved with daily management, such as robust payroll capabilities and inventory, the SiBoom salon software boasts of a beauty salon management software which is unmatched by any such similar software in the market.

Front Desk Jobs Made Easier With Salon and Spa Software

The job of front desk staff can be exhausting, with having to keep note of inventory, maintaining records and processing transactions on a day-to-day basis, but with SiBoom’s salon and spa software this becomes much easier. By integrating all of the day-to-day tasks into one streamlined process the job of front desk staff becomes much easier!

User Friendly Beauty Salon Software

If you have always wanted software which is simple to setup and requires no specialised training to use, then you can use SiBoom’s beauty salon software. Boasting of robust payroll and reporting features and operational status within three hours, the SiBoom software is the software you will want running in your salon.