what goes down in claymoore

what does happen in Claymoore that makes it so bad

It is full of drug and alcohol people in the subburbe the parants have no jobs. so the kids think they dont have to get a job all they know is to be bad and that we met with a girl that was susspended from school for gettting into a fight with some girl for the3 girl saying stuff about her. so we asked her what she wanted to do when she grows up and she said that she wanted to get a good job and do good at school to show her mum and family up they all say that im not going to go anywere or do anything that she is going to be like her family and she hates that she wants to do good she has came up with a plan that she is goin to try to stay away from all the trubble.

why kids in claymore dont want jobs

we spoke to some kids in claymore. we asked them what they would love to do and what sort of job they would love to do when thy grow up. here is what john said he said he didnt want a job because they sometimes yell at you and they dont pay as much. we asked who told them that he said his dad and mum it happend to his mum she said it happend to her when she used to work she had an inserdent with her boss he hit her in the back of her head. we also went to see a boy named bob he was 12 yrs old and was always getting suspended from schoo;l so he doesnt go to school anymore we asked him what sort of job he would like to do. he said whats the point in getting a job he said why bother with it it takes up too much time and you have people that you hate so why bother he was going to do nothing we asked him how will he get money he said he will go to centerlink and that there is one girl that we talked to she seamed like she wanted to get her life on track she started by moving out off her mothers house she didnt want to go live with her dad he just wasnt the right person to be with so she moved to her sisters house and she is doingt alot better she is trying to get a job she tries to help her sister with the family things her sister has three kids of her own and they all go to school and she does every thing she used to get into fights all the time so she changed schools so now she goes to a school out side of claymore she is doing alot better.