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PATRIOTS' DAY September 11, 2015

Happy Mid-Term Day!

Time is flying! We have reached the middle point of our first quarter, and it is time for communication about academic progress!

Teachers will work today (and likely over the weekend) to get grades updated. On Monday morning, we will create "Mid-Term Progress Reports" that will be shared with all parents/guardians. Parents with email accounts will get them via email. Parents without email accounts will have them mailed to them. Each progress report will be accompanied by an issue of the SMS Middle Ground Parent Newsletter.

Mid-term grades are a 'snapshot' of current performance. They reflect grades at the time the report is created. A student may have a B in a class on the mid-term but may have a C or an A a few days later (grades change based on performance). A high grade now doesn't mean that you'll finish with a high grade. A low grade now doesn't mean you will finish with a low grade. (This is especially true in math. You have two more weeks of this unit. As your grade increases, remember that you can replace your lowest two test grades with your highest grade.) The key is to remember that your grades reflect your performance.

What if you have a question or need help? If you have any questions about a mid-term grade, ask your teacher. If you need help, share that with the teacher or your INQ supervisors. We're also starting a new after-school program (read about SPUR below) to provide another opportunity for student support. And finally, we have Student-Led Conferences coming up on September 23rd. Your parents can ask teachers questions that night, too!

Hats for Hearts

Thanks to everyone that donated to the Hats for Hearts yesterday. Thanks also to the Student Council for coordinating the event! SMS raised $142 and the Student Council will add in a 'match' to give $300 to the American Heart Association.

Student-Led Conference Tasks

We've got four things to do next week in preparation for our September 23rd conference event! Make sure these things are done by conference night!

  1. Have your Connect teacher check your Canvas Profile
  2. Practice your conference 'soft skills' in Math.
  3. Complete your Conference Guide in Social Studies.
  4. Write your opening 'reflection letter' in ELA.

Check at home tonight and see if you've got 'September 23rd conferences' on your family calendar! We'll be open from 3:30-6:30. Drop in when you can. We're even serving a free family dinner from 5:00-6:00 in the cafeteria.

SPUR Starts September 21st

According to, a spur is a noun with two meanings:

1. a device with a small spike or spiked wheel that is worn on a rider's heel and used for urging a horse forward, and

2. a thing that prompts or encourages someone; an incentive.

Synonyms for spur include stimulus, incentive, encouragement, prod, motivation, inspiration, catalyst, and springboard.

At SMS, SPUR is also a place for help! Starting Monday, September 21st, SPUR will stand for "Students Pursuing Unified Resources." What are unified resources? Good question. Unified Resources include things we all need such as time, internet connection, and adult help.

You are invited to attend SPUR any day you need resources. SPUR will be open Monday through Thursday in room 200. The SPUR room will be open until 4:00. You must have parent permission prior to staying after school, and you must have a ride arranged to pick you up at 4:00 at the office door.

SPUR is not a social club! If you choose to stay, you must bring academic work. Our Americorps tutor, Mrs. Katrina Robinson, will be supervising the program. If you are waiting for a late athletic practice or competition, you can also attend SPUR until 4:00.

If you need resources, encouragement, or a kick in the rumpus to urge you forward, head to SPUR!

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Show Choir Tryouts

Do you like to sing? Do you like to dance? The SMS Show Choir is seeking male and female student performers for the 2015 Show Choir season. Show Choir will practice Mondays and Wednesdays from 3-4 and will perform at the SMS Christmas Concert in December. If you are interested in trying out for the group, attend the tryout on Monday, September 14th from 3-4:30 in the choir room. Wear tennis shoes and be prepared to sing a song. If you have any questions, see Miss Pangburn!

Safety Reminder

We need to remind everyone of our safety plan at school dismissal! Please review these rules:

  1. If you are a car rider, exit from the office side and wait with the supervisor (usually Miss Nass) until you see your car. Once you see your car you may travel down the sidewalk to load. Students are not allowed to continue walking past the sidewalk into the grass (even if you see your car down the road.) Some students have walked along the tree line and then crossed the road. This is dangerous. There is no crosswalk. So what if your ride is waiting for you down by 3rd Street (gravel lot or the old building?) If you are going to walk that far, you need to follow step two.
  2. If you are walking home or are walking to a car parked off campus, you need to exit from the bus side and wait at the bike rack until dismissed by the supervisor (usually Mr. Smith). After you are dismissed, you are to walk down the sidewalk, cross at the marked Davis Street crossing, and continue on to exit campus at Davis Street or at 3rd and Walnut. The key is to stay on the sidewalk and cross only at the marked crossings.
  3. If you are an early or late bus rider, exit the wing at the bell and head to the bus area quickly. If you are on the first round busses, load and have a safe trip home. Stay in your seat and follow all bus rules. If you ride the second round busses, report to the great room and sit quietly with your bus peers until you are dismissed by the bus supervisor (usually Mrs. Burns.)

If you have any questions, ask any of the supervisors named above! Thanks!

EPIC Scorecard

Congratulations to the Explorer Team for having the lowest percentage of team members on the EPIC list for the week of Sept. 8th-11th. The Explorer Team received the beautiful, hand-crafted EPIC traveling trophy. Who will take possession next week?

Quick Pics

Calendar Clues

Mon. 14 B: Builders' Club Board 3-4, Show Choir Tryouts 3-4:30, FB v. Charlestown, CC @ Salem, 7/8 VB v. Charlestown

Tue. 15 A: Spell Bowl 3-4, Drama 3-4:15, Soccer v. Switzerland Co, 6/7/8 VB @ Hazelwood, Tennis v. Borden

Wed. 16 B: Cross 7:45am, Spell Bowl 3-4, Builders' Club Officer Installation 6 PM, 6/7/8 Volleyball @ Highland Hills

Thu. 17 A: StuCo Officers 7:15am, Drama 3-4:15, Builders' Club 3-4, FB @ Clarksville, CC home triangular, 6 VB @ Silver Creek, Tennis v. Austin

Fri. 18 B:

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