Mapping The Road to My Career



My Career goal is to become a Nurse

My short term goal I tend to complete is to finish volunteering and get all of my hours required to get into college.

My long term goal that I tend to accomplish within the next few years is to get into a college and receive my bachelor's Degree and my associates Degree.

Educational Requirements

To become a Nurse the education required to become one is to get a bachelor's degree in nursing.
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So far I have achieved getting into volunteer work at kindred hospital, I have also achieved being the first to volunteer at the hospital


  • Great communicator
  • Risk taker
  • problem solver
  • respectful
  • always busy


my interests so far is that I like to help people in getting back up and running on their feet, and the job that really made me want to go into the medical field was to be a nurse

Potential Obstacles

some of the obstacles that I may face when I am trying to reach my goal are.....

  • trying to get a car
  • possible death in the family
  • getting into a good college
  • paying for the expensive college books
I plan to overcome these obstacles by just trying my best to do what I can when that situation comes up.


the steps i will take to achieve my goal is to first complete high school, next i plan to immediately start trying to get into a college, after that I plan to get a side job just to start getting money so i'm not broke all the time, next I plan to get my bachelors degree then my associates, finally I plan to get into being a nurse at any hospital.

The difference between personal and professional success

Personal success to me is life goals, and life goals to me are getting a wife and having children or completing school or getting a house etc.

Professional success is like getting a awesome job, and the job you have is what you like doing, and it could be getting a raise or getting promoted etc.