Peshtigo fire

Jordan Loudamy

Peshtigo fire

The most devastating fire in United States history was ignited in Wisconsin on October 10th 1871. On that day 1,200 people lost there lives and 2 billion trees where consumed by the fire. Despite the scale of its blaze, it was overshadowed by the Great Chicago Fire witch began the same day but 250 miles away. Peshtigo is a small logging town. The town in vulnerable for fire, the building are made of wood frames, the road in covered in saw dust, and all the bridges are made of wood. There surroundings were mainly trees, but there was a river going through the middle and Lake Michigan to there east.

Massive fire rips through Peshtigo

Wednesday, Nov. 8th 1871 at 9pm


the blaze began at an unknown spot in the dense Wisconsin forest. It first spreed to a small village of Sugar Bush, where all the residents where killed. High winds then sent the 200-foot flame racing northeast toward neighboring community of Peshtigo. Temperatures reached 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, causing trees to literally explode in flames. Peshtigo was burned to the ground.