Cheaper By The Dozen


Why you should audition for Cheaper By The Dozen Play?

You should audition for Cheaper By The Dozen because it would be a great experience for you and the family. You should also audition because you will get a all you want to eat Ice Cream after the auditions and A all you can eat buffet after the live shows.

Summary of Cheaper By The Dozen

As Mr. Gilbreth becomes more and more obsessed creating more household rules, schedules and maintaining control of the household, his family of intelligent and resourceful children conspire against him. Not only do the boys talk him into purchasing a rather large dog but the three oldest girls, struggling for acceptance, demand to wear less dowdy clothing and enter the dating realm. Resulting events create chaos for the ever-efficient father.

Theater lore has long warned of the perils of acting on stage with children and animals - they have a tendency to upstage even seasoned actors. This production is no exception. The majority of the laughs are elicited by Bentley, the cool canine that made only two quick but amusing appearances, and just about the cutest bevy of children ever assembled on the Theatre Winter Haven stage.

Audition Times

These Auditions will happen in December

Friday the 7th from 11am - 3pm

Saturday the 8th from 12pm - 4pm

Sunday the 9th from 10am - 7pm

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